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July 04 2010

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Knowledge vs Price
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July 03 2010

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C++ Compiler
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July 02 2010

July 01 2010

In the spring of 1967 a new employee at the NCC in a very shocked voice told the switchboard operator: Two men are fighting violently in front of the blackboard in the upstairs corridor. What shall we do? The operator came out of her office, listened for a few seconds and then said: Relax, it’s only Dahl and Nygaard discussing SIMULA.
Lambda the Ultimate | Programming Languages Weblog

June 30 2010

Rule of three (C++ programming)

The rule of three (also known as the Law of The Big Three or The Big Three) is a rule of thumb in C++ that claims that if a class defines one of the following it should probably explicitly define all three:

Rule of three (C++ programming) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Great software requires a fanatical devotion to beauty.

Paul Graham

via WEB4J - Minimalist Java Web Application Framework -> User Guide

git-cvsimport - Salvage your data out of another SCM people love to hate
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